Talent Value:

“The value depends on the talent”. A true talent is good at displaying what he learns and thinks in every tiny thing and strives to realize his goals.

Employment Concept:

“Gold will shine”. To set up the concept of “Everyone is talent”, respect the labor of every employee, admit the creation made by every employee and enable employees in different positions fully experience the sense of achievement and pride created.

Employment Principle:

Seek by virtue, employ by talent, cultivate by demand and retain by credit

Salary Motivation:

Adopting motivating mechanism combined “salary, training, promotion and reward”

Training Education: “Cultivate Outstanding Employees and Cast an Excellent Team”

Jiangsu Yunrui Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. takes employees as the most important wealth and has innovation spirit and more beautiful future. We wish more people to join us and sincerely expect to cooperate with customers for a new and beautiful tomorrow!




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